The County Government of Bomet has laid a lot of emphasis on improving road infrastructure making areas that were hitherto inaccessible by vehicles accessible hence more opportunities in the public transport sector. Roads in all major centers and towns in the county are now in good shape so as to attract new investments ,enhance accessibility of premises and estates.  Demand for housing from county staff, the business community and people who want to settle in the serene suburbs of Sotik and Bomet towns has seen a rise in the property market.

As a county with a youthful population, ICT related colleges and services are on demand. Businesses, government institutions and schools are digitizing services and processes hence business opportunities for ICT companies that provide these solutions are limitless.

There is also room for investment in retail and wholesale businesses, hardware stores and trade in farm products. Investors both from within and without the county are taking advantage of investment incentives offered by the county government and the good investment environment that prevails in the county- good security, hospitable people, low labor costs, vast space for setting up structures, pro-investment policies set by the county and sound purchasing power of the community fueled by a fast growing middle class.