Agricultural products: Dairy Products, Maize, Beans, Irish Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

Number of Institutions (2007): Primary (479), Secondary (96)

Primary: Enrolment (116,868)

Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 49 (Public Schools)

Secondary: Enrolment (18,876)

Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 33 (Public Schools)

Tertiary: 2 satellite campuses, 1 national polytechnic,  1 teacher training college and several commercial colleges.

Adult Literacy Classes: Enrolment (33,409 – Rift Valley)

Health Facilities: Total – 78; District Hospitals (2), Sub-District Hospitals (1), Dispensaries (61), Health Centres (10), Medical Clinics (1), Medical Centres (1)

Doctor to Population Ratio: 1:102,048

Infant Mortality Rates: 54/1000

Under Five Mortality Rates: 82/1000

Prevalent Diseases: Malaria, Respiratory Tract Infections

Notable Hospitals: Pivate- Kaplong Mission Hospital and School of Registered Community Nursing, Tenwek Hospital. Public- Longisa and Ndanai District Hospitals