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Medical Services.

Health of our community is paramount if we are to achieve any agenda for the county. Currently we have a number of health facilities which are catering for our community. If we build our roads then we need to revamp the health institutions as follows:-

  • Increase the number of fully equipped hospitals.
  • Equip the current medical institutions and;
  • Partner with other counties to increase the number of specialized clinics.
  • Promote preventive measures by observing proper sanitation.
Health and Education Outcomes %
Fully – immunized pop <1 yr (%, 2010/2011) 53.2
Malaria ( as % of all 1st patient visits) 8.2
TB in every 10,000 people (2009/10) 12
HIV + ante – natal care clients (%, 2010) 2.3
Population with primary education (%) 72.5
Population with secondary education (%) 11.4


Measures to improve access to health care facilities in the county are:-

  • Every village to have dispensary with at least a clinical officer to prescribe drugs.
  • Every ward should have an ambulance to facilitate movement of casualties/patients to the health centres.
  • Partner with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to help the residents pay their medical bills or create a medical fund where they are able to make contributions, which enable them pay their medical expenses.
  • Sufficient supply of drugs and equipments in the already esisting facilities.
  • Presence of a medical facility to offer maternity services in every ward to reduce infant mortality rates and birth – related complications.
  • Source through cost effective method quality drugs for our health facilities.
  • Establish a viable social health insurance for all county residents.
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