Climate/Weather: The County has a mean monthly temperature of 18ºC with an annual rainfall ranging between 1,100mm and 1,500mm.

Road Network: The county has a total of 521.6 Kms of road with bitumen surface accounting for 169.9 Kms while gravel surface is 73 Kms. The county government is currently repairing all gravel roads.

Population Density: 367 people per Km 2

National Percentage: 1.52 %

Annual Growth Rate: 2.7 %

Age Distribution: 0-14 years (47.0 %), 15-64 years (49.7 %), 65+ years (3.3 %)

Number of Households: 111,258

Poverty Level: 58.7 %

Age Dependency Ratio: 100:101

Resources: Forest, Pasture, Rivers, Wildlife, Arable Land, Stone Quarry

Tourist Attractions: Key route to Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Traditional Ornaments, Local culture

Financial Services: 8 Commercial Banks, 5 Micro-Finance Institutions

Main Economic Activities/Industries: Tea & Coffee farming, Horticulture, Cattle rearing